Slitting Machine
FT-1300A/1800A Roll-fed Slitting Machine (Single Rewinding Device)
FT-1300A/1800A Roll-fed Slitting Machine (Single Rewinding Device)

FT-1300A/1800A Roll-fed Slitting Machine (Single Rewinding Device)



This machine is mainly supporting the flexographic printing machine, paper and paper bag machine hand machine used to roll paper as raw material, fast vertically cutting raw materials, thereby generating more narrow web material. This machine adopts the photoelectric automatic tracking correction, magnetic powder tension control, automatic meter long, and so on a number of technology, using advanced photoelectric sensor system and automatic electrical control program, is currently at home and abroad more perfect paper processing equipment. In addition to the paper, the machine also apply to plastic film, glass, paper, aluminum foil, chemical fiber fabric reel material slitting, used for laminating, packaging, printing and bag making, etc..




1. Heavy-type shaftless hydraulic pattern is adopted for unwinding, which is applicable for 3 inch and 6 inch core-diameter material.
2. ZXTec automatic tension control system is equipped in the unwinding section.
3. Automatic electro-pneumatic transformation and pneumatic brake is used for unwiding.
4. Arc-shaped roller is adopted for expanding the slit material to avoid undercut.
5. Japan Toky counting device is used for displaying linear speed and production counting in digital.
6. The cutter section adopts heavy-type upper and lower cutters style.
7. Uni-shaft dual-rollers surface coiling way is designed for rewinding.
8. Hydraulic pattern is used for unloading material.




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