Roll-fed Paper Bag Machine
ZD-QFB14/21 Fully Auto Roll-fed Paper Bag Machine (Flat Handle)
ZD-QFB14/21 Fully Auto Roll-fed Paper Bag Machine (Flat Handle)

ZD-QFB14/21 Fully Auto Roll-fed Paper Bag Machine (Flat Handle)


This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags with flat-rope handles from paper roll, paper patch roll and flat paper rope, and it is an ideal equipment for producing paper handbags fast. By implementing steps including handle making, handle application, tube forming, tube cutting and bottom forming within a fully automatic process, this machine can effectively save labor costs. Distinct flat-rope handle making process and special bag counting function, greatly improve packing efficiency of finished paper bags. Thanks to perfect technologies and fast production speed, this machine can produce paper handbags with high quality in many different forms, which are especially suitable for food and clothing industries.


1. The bottom forming hub of ZD-QFB14 makes 5 paper bags by 1 round, which brings apparently higher speed than other similar traditional models.



2. By directly making flat-rope handles on paper web, customers can not only no longer rely on the traditional external hand making machine, but also be able to save 50% patch paper. Whats more, this design brings more efficient packaging and shipping for the finished paper bags.






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